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Era Training Center is recognized around the industry for its high level of professionalism and commitment to safety and excellence. In today’s market, there is no substitute for professionalism and our people are dedicated to being the best in the business.


And how do you become the best? Train. Retrain. And then train some more. Our dedication to comprehensive training is the key to our success. We offer a wide range of courses to hone the skills of helicopter pilots to the specific aircraft and missions, e.g. offshore and EMS, with data developed in the field by professional pilots with years of experience. Era Training Center then lets you back up your FTD training with real-time training using Era’s diverse fleet of aircraft at the nearby headquarters.


Our facility is located at the Lake Charles Regional Airport near Era’s headquarters in Southwest Louisiana. At the heart of the facility are three state-of-the-art helicopter flight training devices (FTDs) manufactured specifically for the Center by Frasca International. Era Training Center also includes the finest in high-tech classrooms, custom briefing areas, administrative offices and amenities.

Service and Courses

Era Training Center is dedicated to providing the highest-quality helicopter training services for industry-wide safety and excellence. We have three of the finest FAA-approved Level 6 FTDs available on the market today, the AW139, the AS350B2 and the EC135 CPDS P2+.


Our years of experience in the field make us the experts for specialty mission specific training programs on our three brand new, state-of-the-art FTDs. These FTDs are exact cockpit replicas of the respective make and model helicopter. The instructor’s station is located behind the pilot’s seat, where varying degrees of aircraft performance, weather, time of day, geographic areas, specific scenarios and aircraft malfunctions can be simulated.


When training on these advanced FTDs, professionals will earn specific credits for flight time and maneuvers accomplished to count toward additional pilot certificates and flight-currency requirements. We plan to add FTD models simulating other aircraft models in the future.

Visual System

Our visual system utilizes TruVision™ Global featuring worldwide coverage at a base map level. This base map includes over 10,000 runways, coastlines, representative terrain, rivers, roads and more, which allows the pilot to “fly” anywhere in the world and view representative terrain and runways in each area. TruVision™ Global features include: variable time of day, sun/moon/star models, wave or sea state simulation and urban lighting.

Student Enrollment

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Customer Testimonials

“At Metro Aviation we send all our rotor wing pilots to Era Training Center for various training courses in the EC135 and AS350 FSTDs. The service and quality of training is excellent and has definitely improved the overall quality of our flight operations. I would highly recommend Era Training Center to anyone that desires quality rotor wing training.”
Paul Morrow, Chief Pilot, Metro Aviation
“In the fall of 2008, Air Logistics LLC began using the Era Training Center to accomplish training needs for the EC135. The staff at the Era Training Center have been very courteous and helpful. The classrooms and overall facilities are very clean and have been useful. The Era EC135 FSTD has been very reliable and, to date, we have neither had to reschedule, nor cancel any training because of the device being unavailable. From my past experience, I would highly recommend using the Era Training Center for any future training needs.”
Kent Dekerlegand, Director of Training, Bristow US, LLC

Travel Info

Era Training Center is located at Lake Charles Regional Airport, where full instrument and approach and departure services are available. Local airlines operate in and out of Lake Charles, creating easy access from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

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